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May 16, 2019

Bigfoot sighting & UFO connection? S1 EP11

Did this man see a Bigfoot by the roadside? Where did Bigfoot Originate?

Is there a connection between Bigfoot and the UFO enigma?

Does this creature have incredible powers? Are we in Danger?

Kevin Malek believes he saw Bigfoot and it sent him on a journey to understand as much as he could on this enigmatic creature.

Join Dave Dominguez and Best selling author, G. L Davies as they interview Kevin Malek and try and make sense of not only his baffling Bigfoot sighting but explore the theory and mystery behind the creature. Is there a UFO connection? Is there a BIgfoot cover up? Does Bigfoot have incredible paranormal powers?

This is the much-anticipated Bigfoot follow up to the Keith Bearden Interview in Episode 10.

Kevin Malek can be contacted here >

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