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June 27, 2019

Aliens,Gods or the Matrix? S1 EP15

How did we get here? Alien, God or construct?

What has one mans life journey shown him?

Did an out of body experience lead one man on an incredible journey that led him on a path of spirituality, aliens and the theory we will live in a Matrix-like construct?

In this incredible feature-length interview, John H.K fisher for the first time ever, talks about his life in an intense spiritual group that he was part of for nearly 50 years and talks of the incredible things he saw from shapeshifting, telepathy, men walking through walls, angels appearing, Gods true purpose and when the world will end and so much more that will blow your mind

John H.K Fisher author of the new novel Blink of an eye also discusses why He left the group after a lifetime of service,  secrets he will reveal and how he lost God and maybe found aliens and a possible construct.

Blink of an eye can be read here:

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Produced and hosted by G L Davies


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